AML & Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy

Updated October 04, 2023.


At Wyrr, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and compliance. This AML & Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy outlines our dedication to preventing money laundering (AML) and the financing of terrorism within our organization. We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and continuously strive to protect our services from being misused for illegal activities.

Compliance Framework

(i) We comply with all relevant AML and anti-terrorist financing laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where we operate.
(ii) Our employees and agents receive regular training to ensure they are aware of their AML and anti-terrorist financing obligations.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

(i) We conduct thorough customer due diligence on all clients, including identity verification and screening against government-sanctioned lists.
(ii) Enhanced due diligence is performed on higher-risk customers, including those in high-risk jurisdictions.

Suspicious Activity Reporting

(i) We have procedures in place to detect and report any suspicious activities that may indicate money laundering or terrorist financing.
(ii) Our employees are encouraged to report any suspicious activities to our designated AML compliance officer.

Record Keeping

(i) We maintain detailed records of customer transactions, identification documents, and related communications as required by law.
(ii) These records are securely stored and accessible for regulatory inspection.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

(i)We periodically assess the risks associated with our business operations and take appropriate measures to mitigate identified risks.
(ii) We have established procedures for identifying and managing politically exposed persons (PEPs) and high-risk customers.

AML Compliance Officer

(i) We have appointed a designated AML compliance officer who oversees all AML and anti-terrorist financing efforts.
(ii) The compliance officer ensures that our policies and procedures are followed diligently and that any issues are promptly addressed.

Employee Training and Awareness

(i) All employees are provided with ongoing training to recognize AML and anti-terrorist financing red flags.
(ii) Employees are educated on their obligations and encouraged to report any concerns related to potential AML or terrorist financing activities.

Reporting to Authorities

(i) We are committed to cooperating with law enforcement and regulatory authorities in cases of suspected money laundering or terrorist financing.
(ii) We will promptly provide requested information and support any investigations.

Continuous Improvement

(i) We regularly review and update our AML and anti-terrorist financing policies and procedures to ensure they remain effective and aligned with industry best practices and regulatory changes.


Wyrr is unwavering in its commitment to preventing money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Our AML & Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and compliance, protecting both our organization and the global financial system from illicit activities.